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Washington, Massachusetts  01223

The Proprietor's Book for Greenoch was begun in 1761, also known as Watsontown, after a previous claim, and Hartwood. It was first called Washington in 1784, when it became a town. The town was divided into an upper and lower village along Frost Road. A stage route traversed the mountainous west section of town before the Pontoosuc Turnpike was built in 1830 through the valley on the east side of town. A woolen mill owned by Captain Horace Herrick, a grist-saw-carding mill owned by David Higgins, a flutter wheel saw mill owned by Phillip Eames, a potash factory owned by Sylvester Arnold and a blacksmith shop owned by John Stacy are some of the early industries. The only local event of the Revolution was the camp of Captain Ford's company escorting prisoners from Burgoyne's Army to Boston. Lieutenant Michael Hildreth recorded their Passage through Washington.

The camp is believed to have been behind Daniel Phillips' house.

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