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Savoy, Massachusetts  01256

Savoy, Northern Berkshire Township No. 6, was auctioned in 1765 to Able Lawrence. Five years later it was again auctioned because he had not deeded it to any other parties. It was finally made a grant to Colonel William Bullock. One of the earliest settlers was a man named Robinett, about 1777. Captain Lemuel Hathaway followed with thirty-four other families by 1787. An Atlas of Berkshire County (Beers, F. W.: 1876) indicates at that time 145 dwellings, 7 schools, 9 saw mills, 1 blacksmith shop and 2 stores existed. A prosperous mountain town in the early nineteenth century, its population fell from 955 in 1850 to 467 in 1975. Donald Smith noted in "Berkshire County Landmarks", in reference to Savoy, that "the works of man have been less fully developed and less fully preserved in the mountains of Berkshire County".

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