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Hancock, Massachusetts 01237

The Plantation of Jericho was laid out under a King's grant in 1762. Asa Douglas of Canaan Center, New York, received 1000 acres. Others who received smaller amounts were Samuel Hand, Captain Caleb Gardner, David and Charles Goodrich and Deacon Samuel Brown. The remains of the grant were sold by the General Court in 1789.

Asa Douglas' son, Captain William Douglas, moved to Jericho with his wife, Hannah, in 1765. His father arrived a year later. His home, Shumway Farm, exists today on Osgood Road just over the line in Stephentown, New York. Asa served as head of the Local Committee of Safety during the Revolution and led a company of Militia at the Battle of Bennington. The town vault or magazine, located in the cemetery is believed to have been constructed by him in 1777.

Captain Caleb Gardner built the Gardner Inn, or "Kirkmead", in 1767 on the Boston to Albany Post Road (Route 43). It served as a tavern for many years. Settlement of the town occurred mostly in the valley along the Post Road. However, a few of the high valleys were somewhat farmable and settled early. Goodrich Hollow is safely reached only via New York's Route 22 today, but once was arrived at by road from Pittsfield via West Street. The E.S. Smith House, east of Lebanon Springs, was once connected by road to the North family of the Hancock Shaker Village on Route 20.

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