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Dalton, Massachusetts 01226

Crane Museum
Main Street
Crane & Company, Inc
June - Mid October
Monday - Friday
2PM - 5PM
History of Papermaking beginning from 1801.

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Zenas Crane arrived in Dalton in 1797, and built his first paper mill in 1801. It was a one vat mill, with a drying loft which produced 125 pounds of paper, roughly 2500 folio sized sheets per day. Crane Brothers and Crane & Company became the major industry of Dalton. Preserved as part of the operation of the paper company is part of Zenas Crane's 1846 stone mill that is the Crane Museum. It is little known to most people living beyond the Berkshires that since 1879 Crane & Company has produced all the paper that United States Currency is printed on.