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Becket, Massachusetts  01230

The earliest History of Becket is marked by the development of wood and forest related products. The earliest settler established a saw mill on Walker Brook in the eastern part of the town in 1751. Settlers were the Birchard, Gross, King, Kingsley, Messinger, Wait, Wadsworth and Walker families. The town was incorporated in 1765. Lumber remained the primary product, but charcoal, ash basketry, granite, raw silk processing and dairying were also important through most of the 19th century.

The Western Railroad traversing the Berkshires in 1840 caused a population shift to Becket Village 5 1/2 miles north of the Old Center. After a flood in 1927, most of the industries developed there in the 19th century closed. Basketry in the village continued until 1956, and granite quarrying in South Becket and paper production in the Bancroft mill until “the sixties”. Several children and youth camps and many seasonal vacation homes have been built in the town in the past several decades.

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