Kennedy Park
Main Street (Rt 7), Lenox, MA, 01240, USA
contact John Vosburg, 413-637-5530

Kennedy Park, named in 1973 for longtime Lenox resident John D. Kennedy, offers an example of a less formal XC ski experience. There are no ski programs or instructions per se, There is only the experience of XC skiing on finely groomed trails, mere minutes from civilization! Open year round and maintained by the Town of Lenox, these 180 acres feature 7 trails with excellent signage and varying degrees of difficulty. There is also ample room to explore on one's own, to blaze some new trails, though intermediate skiers may find this more to their liking. "Powerline cuts" offer both great views and the opportunity for more advanced skiers to have some fun. The common denominator is the spectacular view. For 40 years, people have been enjoying the views, from the Church on the Hill to the water tower to Mount Greylock in peaceful silence, as there are no motorized vehicles allowed.

Kennedy Park is located on the grounds of the former Aspinwall Hotel, which was constructed in 1902 by General Thomas Hubbard as a high-class stopover for visitors to the area's sprawling "cottages." The hotel did excellent business, but was consumed by fire in 1931. The property lay dormant until the efforts of Mr. Kennedy and the Town of Lenox put matters right. The Lenox Chamber of Commerce offers maps of the park, which can be accessed from several different starting points.