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Indian Burial Ground * Stafford Hill Memorial * Village Cemetery

Reverend Ichabod Parsons Diaries

Israel Bissell Gravesite

Hinsdale Cemetery
Hinsdale, MA

Israel Bissell, a post rider with Paul Revere, delivered the news of fighting in Lexington and Concord at the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, to Philadelphia and the Continental Congress in 1775 after Revere was stopped by the British.

Clark Cemetery

Clarksburg, MA

Contains several finely carved early slate gravestones.

Indian Burial Ground

Stockbridge, MA

Stafford Hill Memorial

Cheshire, MA

Colonel Joab Stafford, one of Cheshire's earliest settlers, distinguished himself at the Battle of Bennington in 1777. The Stafford Hill Monument was erected on his gravesite by the Massachusetts Sons of the American Revolution in 1927.

Village Cemetery

Stockbridge, MA