The Sand Springs
Sand Springs Road

Williamstown, MA

The Sand Springs Pool is located is located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, deep in the heart of the Berkshire Hills. It is situated on a site rich in early American History. Records show that Indians of the five nations used the area as their campgrounds.

The first commercial mention of the springs and their curative values were documented in an advertisement in the Williamstown Advocate of 1827. Testimonials, by many, were made of the beneficial effects of the waters. Sand Springs was established as a resort in 1762.

Recent excavation of the site revealed many Indian tools and arrowheads. The main attraction however, is the thermal mineral water that surfaces from deep inside the earth. Its flow is directed into a mammoth swimming pool. Before swimming became popular the Sand Springs mineral water was used for bathing, often times, by some of the most famous names in history. Today, after many years of restoration, the Frederick George family has developed the Sand Springs into a family style recreation area. People come from far and near to use the pure 74- degree mineral water for exercise, relaxation and attending to minor physical ailments.

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