The Mohawk Trail Through The Berkshire Hills

Built at a cost of $368,000 and was formally opened Oct. 27, 1914. The road forms the connecting link of the State highway from Boston to New York and the West and opens to automobilists a section of the beautiful parts of the Berkshire Hills, which were up to this time, inaccessible on account of the heavy grades.

 1) Haystack Monument
 2) Sand Springs
 3) Clark Art Institute
 4) Mass MOCA
 5) The Site of Fort Massachusetts
 6) Western Gateway Heritage State Park
 7) New England's Natural Bridge
 8) Mount Greylock
 9) Hairpin Turn
10) Western Summit
11) Whitcomb Summit
12) Hoosac Tunnel
13) Savoy Mt. State Forest
14) Mohawk Trail State Forest
15) "Hail to the Sunrise" Monument

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