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Richmond Performance Series
Box 199
Richmond, MA 01254

The Richmond Performance Series is now entering its seventeenth season, with chamber music being described as "the heart of its mission." According to Elie Hammerling, "It is a vehicle for musicians to express their cooperative virtuosity and a compelling language for introducing young audiences to classical music."

Mark Ludwig, violist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, has been the artistic director from the beginning, and often manages to have his BSO colleagues join in as featured artists. Mr. Ludwig views the entire live performance of chamber music as both an intimate and a joyous expression of shared experience between player, instrument and audience.

He considers his crowning achievement the Richmond Performance Series Artist Residency Program which was begun in 1995. Berkshire school students extensively interact with some of the top professional players in classical music, practicing, learning, sharing and finally performing pieces during Artist Residency Week. This is enormously influential in shaping the views, values and musical direction of younger players, but even the seasoned professionals walk away with a profound sense of renewal and continuity as well.

The Richmond Performance Series continues to bring extraordinary chamber players to our community in a series of ultimate concerts of the highest caliber. Seven concerts are performed between October and June.

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