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Guthrie Center
The Old Trinity Church is located at:
4 Van Deusenville Road
Housatonic, MA

Originally built as the St. James Chapel in 1829 in the Berkshires, and later expanded in 1866 when it was renamed the Trinity Church, The Guthrie Center has had a long and fascinating history. Anyone who has seen the film “Alice's Restaurant” will know the story of how Arlo Guthrie, the son of Woody Guthrie, a well respected and talented folk musician, came to visit and eventually settle in this location. The Trinity Church, where the song “The Alice's Restaurant Massacree” began and where the movie “Alice's Restaurant” was filmed, continues to service the local and international community.

If you have not seen the film or heard the song, both American classics from the 1960's, you should. Those who are familiar with Arlo and his adventures will be happy to know that he is offering The Summer Concert Series at Trinity Church, which begins late spring and runs through the summer. The goal is to “keep the local and global traditions of folk and acoustic music alive and well”.

The Guthrie Center keeps the philosophy of Woody and Marjorie Guthrie, to provide a place to work with the issues of our times. Their primary interest is in “developing a deeper understanding of the world and its peoples – through the music which gives our unique qualities a voice”.

Visit The Guthrie Center on-line at:

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