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Berkshire Bach Society
P.O. Box 553
S. Egremont, MA 01258
413 528-9227

Founded in 1990 as a sequel to a lecture series by Simon Wainrib on "The World of Bach Cantatas," the Society's goal is an exploration of Bach's vast legacy through study and performance. The result has been an ongoing succession of concerts and lectures, all enthusiastically received by critics and audiences.

The Society has developed its own chorus, the Berkshire Bach Singers, under the guidance of Penna Rose, and its own instrumental group, the Berkshire Bach Ensemble, founded by Kenneth Cooper. It has recruited soloists of the first rank to produce, in close to ten years of its existence, 40 cantatas, 8 organ concerts, a large sampling of chamber music, spectacular performances of the St. John Passion, the B minor Mass and the Christmas Oratorio.

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